Any of you Sunday School teachers know how difficult it is (or at least for me) to find creative things for my class to do. Luckily I am a helper to the teacher who happens to be my sister in law. She just retired from being a school teacher and has been teaching Sunday School for many years; So she has many ideas. In researching something different to do I stumbled upon Scripture Cookies. I thought it would be a creative way for the class to get familiar with looking up books and verses of the bible. I found one recipe and thought it would be great. I printed it out (without really studying it) and gave it to my sister in law to look at. Well upon further investigation that particular recipe had books and verses that were not in the King James Bible. So I tweaked the recipe to where all the books and verses were in the KJV.  The answer document explains the ingredients so take a look, it is a great lesson and the cookies were tasty too.  
A few weeks back we were on vacation at the beach which happened to be the week that Turbo came out. That was all my eldest son talked about. He wanted to go see Turbo. I had seen the previews and did not look like something that I wanted to see. Since we were being cautious about the boys being in the sun..(because mom was not as diligent about putting on sunscreen and the boys got burned)  we went to the movies. Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. It was a great movie, full of action, perseverance, kindness and compassion. A great you can do anything you want storyline and the boys, mom and dad loved it. Good family movie
If you are like me and expecting a new niece or nephew consider this as a gift for the expectant mom. I think it is so cute. Check it out at

Yes, It is true I gave up on the blogging thing.  Shame, I know because I did enjoy it. It gave me a chance to interact a bit with the outside world of stay at home moms. But the dreaded first day of Kindergarten for the first born came along and that pretty much took up my year; that and my 4 year old left at home with me. On my very little free time I tried to find work from home ideas. Everything seemed to be parties...parties...parties...If you live in the country you know you will not do well with that premise. I soon ran across a company that has not been around long selling jewelry. This is not your typical direct sell company. You use social media, networking and other means to get your product out there. The company uses a variety of designers that you can choose to put in your store and there are a variety of prices.  The best thing is its free...Yes, I said FREE. You don't pay anything. They pay you for selling their product. If you would like more information check out my store 
Are you looking for a cute movie for your young children to watch? Then Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted (click link for the review from Focus on the Family) is your ticket...It is very entertaining for 3 and 5 year old boys as well as their mom and Gan Gan. It is full of action (per my 5 year old) good music that had both boys bouncing in their seat.  
I ran across this recipe while searching the web and thought it looked interesting and could not wait to try it. This is such a cool and refreshing dessert. It is great for family or church gatherings.

I never thought I would say this but I AM TURNING INTO MY GRANDMOTHER!. My "Nana" was someone who never let anything go or get by her.  I am sure for years the auto dealers, cloth stores, clothing stores etc...hated to see her coming because she would leave with something well below cost. Now, I am not that bad but I do try sometimes. Something else she would do is to complain if she felt wronged in someway. Now is where I turn into her. I have had several situations where something I have bought broke shortly after and I just let it go because it was not worth the hassle until now. I purchased a Vizio Television with internet apps 13 months ago. It was great for a few weeks then it started turning on and off several times a day. When I spoke to customer service on multiple occasions it was determined that a firmware update was needed. That took about 10-11 months. On month 13, one month out of warranty, we can only see half of the screen. After speaking to multiple people it was determined that it would be more costly to repair and of course VIZIO will not do the right thing and replace . I could purchase another TV out of their warehouse for cost $300 (why would I want to do that). So this is my platform to get some results or at least the knowledge out there about this company.  If my Nana was still around I bet she would get them to replace the TV and even get an apology and a change of policy!
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This Strawberry Pretzel Salad is a great cool treat on a hot day! Like yesterday where it was 80 degrees here in the South (in March)!

I have to stay off of Pinterest! I cook things like this. All my favorite things all combined into one ooey gooey goodness! If you like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oreos, and Brownies you will have to try this Recipe.

Being from Georgia, Pigeon Forge is a quick get away for our family. For the past few years our church goes for a weekend to fellowship and have a great time. We usually stay at the same place and do the same thing...ride go karts, do  a little shopping, and go to Cades Cove for service in one of the old churches or even out in a field and have lunch afterwards. My family and I (a 3 year old and 5 year old)  are planning a weekend get away back to Pigeon Forge and I would like to do something different. What are some things that you have done with your family there? What did you Not enjoy?