As I was writing my blog especially the recipe section I did not even think about someone trying to print it until I tried to print one of my recipes. I could not print it from Google Chrome ( or I could not figure it out). I began to search for ways to incorporate printer friendly pages into my blog. Many of the instructions were way over my limited computer knowledge until I found It was SO easy. All you have to do is copy one of their buttons and place it on your blog or web site. They have specific instructions for blogger/blog spot and Word Press. There is also one for other websites which I used. You click on the print button and another page come up from there you can delete out what you don't want to print. Very Easy. 
I totally snitched this from the Deen Brothers recipes. I have not tried them yet but The Lighter Toffee Brownies look so good I think I will make them tonight. I will keep you posted:)
I am constantly amazed at how fast time is flying by. Especially now that I have children. It is incredibly hard for me because my oldest son will be registering for kindergarten soon...Where has the time gone? It was not too long ago that I was up all night with him just about every night for two years and working at a job outside of the home. How I wished for some rest...Then it happened, the night his new baby brother came home from the hospital (which happened to be my oldest birthday) he slept through the night and has been ever since. Now, how I miss that time together. Each phase that he has gone through up until I miss it. My mother often tells me how each phase will soon pass and how it does.

Since I was able to stay at home since my oldest was about 1 1/2 he was getting very attached and we knew this time of starting kindergarten was soon approaching we enrolled him in a pre-k program at a local church. I had a very hard time letting go but he loves it and we did not have to prepare him at all. He visited once and loved it. Granted it is only 3 days a week for 4 hours, I wonder how he will adjust to kindergarten.

How have you prepared your child as well as yourself for starting kindergarten? 
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I found this recipe on Pinterest and just had to make it. It is soooo good and does taste like a cinnamon roll but without the long steps. This Cinnamon Roll Cake is worth making.

In an earlier post I talked about my son having problems holding his pencil. He had poor hand strength in general. I found a great web site   that provides great exercises and ideas to help improve his weakness.  I went on a mission to find things that my son would love to do but would not consider "working". When he thinks he has done something wrong he quits trying all together. 
I found: 
  • an exercise stress ball (Golds Gym) that was small enough for his hands and I have him squeeze it and try to flatten it
  •  jump ropes that I lay flat and have him to jump over it to help increase strength all over
  •  toy grabbers that you squeeze with your fingers to open and close (got those at Target)
  •  pencil grips that are molded for his fingers 
  • triangle crayons (Target)
  • clothes pins that I have him squeeze with his fingers that he hold a pencil 

All of this is helping him with his strength in his hands. He still has a long way to go but it is a great start.
This cookie is one of my favorites. The edges are crisp and inside has a cake like texture. These are plain with vanilla flavoring but any flavors would work well. Check out my Old Fashioned Tea Cake Recipe

In a earlier post I raved about how well Mavala Stop my son from biting his fingernails but I ran out and he went back to biting them. I ordered another bottle and started painting his nails, fingers, hand...My fingers, his daddy's his little brothers (everything he touched leaves that bitter taste) but to no avail he is biting his nails worse that ever. Have any of you moms out there had/have this problem? And what did you do?n Desperately seeking answers.  
Have you ever found yourself searching for a spot on the refrigerator to put one more thing from your child's school or another appointment card?  Check out this easy alternative to the "standard" bulletin board. This DIY Cork Board is a great way to decorate your wall as well as a great way to keep everything organized.

I have been wanting to make my youngest son a coat/hat rack since he was born...he is 3 and I finally got around to it. His older brother had one and it has been a great space saver. Check out how I did it.

I was craving potato soup one day and I did not have any potatoes. I found a recipe that called for a bag of steam and mash potatoes. It was so good, easy and quick. This is a keeper recipe for our family or at least for my husband and two picky eater sons would not try it.