I have to stay off of Pinterest! I cook things like this. All my favorite things all combined into one ooey gooey goodness! If you like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oreos, and Brownies you will have to try this Recipe.

I totally snitched this from the Deen Brothers recipes. I have not tried them yet but The Lighter Toffee Brownies look so good I think I will make them tonight. I will keep you posted:)
This cookie is one of my favorites. The edges are crisp and inside has a cake like texture. These are plain with vanilla flavoring but any flavors would work well. Check out my Old Fashioned Tea Cake Recipe

Check out the Recipe for the Flourless Chocolate Almond Brownies. They are really good. Check back for new recipes. If you would like to post one send it to me in contact  me on my Home page.
Also check out my Recycle Party Hat idea and Bath Fizzies on crafts, travels to Disney World and Life On the Farm for a little about my life.
Just getting started so keep checking back!