I never thought I would say this but I AM TURNING INTO MY GRANDMOTHER!. My "Nana" was someone who never let anything go or get by her.  I am sure for years the auto dealers, cloth stores, clothing stores etc...hated to see her coming because she would leave with something well below cost. Now, I am not that bad but I do try sometimes. Something else she would do is to complain if she felt wronged in someway. Now is where I turn into her. I have had several situations where something I have bought broke shortly after and I just let it go because it was not worth the hassle until now. I purchased a Vizio Television with internet apps 13 months ago. It was great for a few weeks then it started turning on and off several times a day. When I spoke to customer service on multiple occasions it was determined that a firmware update was needed. That took about 10-11 months. On month 13, one month out of warranty, we can only see half of the screen. After speaking to multiple people it was determined that it would be more costly to repair and of course VIZIO will not do the right thing and replace . I could purchase another TV out of their warehouse for cost $300 (why would I want to do that). So this is my platform to get some results or at least the knowledge out there about this company.  If my Nana was still around I bet she would get them to replace the TV and even get an apology and a change of policy!