In an earlier post I talked about my son having problems holding his pencil. He had poor hand strength in general. I found a great web site   that provides great exercises and ideas to help improve his weakness.  I went on a mission to find things that my son would love to do but would not consider "working". When he thinks he has done something wrong he quits trying all together. 
I found: 
  • an exercise stress ball (Golds Gym) that was small enough for his hands and I have him squeeze it and try to flatten it
  •  jump ropes that I lay flat and have him to jump over it to help increase strength all over
  •  toy grabbers that you squeeze with your fingers to open and close (got those at Target)
  •  pencil grips that are molded for his fingers 
  • triangle crayons (Target)
  • clothes pins that I have him squeeze with his fingers that he hold a pencil 

All of this is helping him with his strength in his hands. He still has a long way to go but it is a great start.

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