My oldest son who is 5 has a hard time holding whatever he is writing with, and my youngest son who is 3 has never had problems. Now when I say problems I mean beyond "fisting" (if that is a word) he has a hard time writing his letters and shapes. I researched other sites for inspiration. I did find a couple of things that is working one is to hold a piece of tissue or a penny in his pinky and ring finger which makes him hold his pencil a little better. He still needs to increase strength in his other three fingers. We have been playing with play doh, I have had him rolling a ball and flatting it with fingers and squeezing (like a stress reliever ball) that has helped some. Another thing that is working is to break a pencil or crayon pretty short so he can't "fist" it. What has help most of all is he is attending pre-K 3 days a week. I think seeing the other kids and the constant reminder from the teacher is making him aware. When he starts kindergarten if the issue is still there I may purchase the triangle pencil grips. I think that would help him with his hold too.
2/14/2012 02:11:17 pm

Hi! I am stopping by from MBC and following your page. Hope you will visit. As for holding his pencil, my daughter is working on this with her OT. We use therapy putty, which is harder to manipulate then playdough. We also have special grips, triangle shaped crayons, and lots of exercises. We are praying for a breakthrough!
Amy B

2/14/2012 11:00:27 pm

Thanks for the response. I have been thinking about the thera putty. I am going to get some grips...What types of exercise is she doing?


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