Yes, It is true I gave up on the blogging thing.  Shame, I know because I did enjoy it. It gave me a chance to interact a bit with the outside world of stay at home moms. But the dreaded first day of Kindergarten for the first born came along and that pretty much took up my year; that and my 4 year old left at home with me. On my very little free time I tried to find work from home ideas. Everything seemed to be parties...parties...parties...If you live in the country you know you will not do well with that premise. I soon ran across a company that has not been around long selling jewelry. This is not your typical direct sell company. You use social media, networking and other means to get your product out there. The company uses a variety of designers that you can choose to put in your store and there are a variety of prices.  The best thing is its free...Yes, I said FREE. You don't pay anything. They pay you for selling their product. If you would like more information check out my store 

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